A Momentary Lapse In Positive Thinking

by Just Die!

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Without a doubt, this is our best, and shortest album to date. Written over the course of the past couple of tours these songs represent a lot of the stuff we've had to shovel. From songs about not being so posi to rediscovering our innocence and sense of wonder, this album is the closest we can come to letting you really get to know us without coming over and hanging out. We're super proud of this and we hope you guys love it as much as we do. We recorded this with Evan Bradford and a ton of our friends in Asheville, NC.


released May 11, 2011

Steve Shell-Vocals
Dave Reinhardt-Drums/Vocals
Matt Evans-Guitar/Vocals
Josh McDowell Bass/vocals



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Just Die! Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Dead Horse
You hang around just like a fuckin' albatross
the same dark cloud on a different fuckin' day
I try to listen but you really start to piss me off
it's all I can do not to turn and walk away.
I don't believe a word you're saying
your negative shit won't sell.
You hate the world, hate god and everyone
but not as much as you hate yourself.
And being such an asshole never got you fucking anywhere.
You ride it.
You beat it
You ride it.
You beat it
You ride it.
You beat it
Dead Horse.
Track Name: I'll Be Damned
I'll be damned if you and your kind were right about a single thing and I'd be damned if sold myself out and bowed to all of your liar's queens. Your ignorance and stupidity never fail to bring me down. So I'll be damned if you will steal, one more goddamned second of my time and I'll be damned if you will take this peace I have finally claimed as mine.
Track Name: A Momentary Lapse In Positive Thinking
FUCK YOU, and that shady shit you tried to hide from me
FUCK YOU--how stupid did you need me to feel?
No, FUCK YOU you shallow, empty vapid sack of shit.
If this is who you are, then I'm out--that's it.
Your sense of self loathing is entirely justified.
Your sense of self loathing is entirely justified.
Trust me.
Track Name: Impossible
I know just what you're thinking,
you think that it's impossible
asking kids to aim that high
when they should make all goals lateral
Can't live in fear of failure, no.
When I was seventeen years old
my life was circling the drain
it was dreams like this that held me up
it was dreams like this that made me whole
ripped to a thousand pieces, I was whole
Don't you dare stop fucking dreaming.
Track Name: Play The Hero
I never thought I'd live to see the day
when no one stands and plays the hero
no will to fight or heart for sacrifice
our cities burn while fiddle like nero

and if you had your way
you'd sleep your life away
in soft, safe apathy
why won't you wake up?
and do you dare to dream
of fucking anything or will you always

wrap yourself in apathy and shame
dull eyes and duller ideas
too cool to care, to hip to think
paralyzed by anxiety and fear

(repeat chorus)
and will you ever play the hero?
Track Name: War Memorial
I saw you break another sweat
and open your mouth like an ocean of regret.
So here's my list, these are my demands:
Face this world with open heart and open hands.
Unclench those fists, let those grudges hit the floor
This is my crucible, this is my purest form.
Can't break me down.
There's not much left of me.
Can't break me down.
There's nothing left to see
besides this smile.
Track Name: Did I Ever (Stand By Me)
Never had friends like I did that summer back when I was twelve and we discovered the world was waiting out there for ourselves and never knew that innocence was wasted on the young and every sunset burned its way into my young, young heart. We let them pass away, can we get them back today? Because here I sit beside myself wondering if these dreams are worth the price I paid or if I should trade them in for something more comfortable? No I can't let them go, they got me this far, so-- I'll take today and every hope and dream and childish fantasy and forge a chain and bind myself unto this dreaming heart.
Track Name: Rest of My Life
I thought I'd know you for the rest of my life
but the world told a different story.
We were close, closer than brothers or blood
I thought we were inseparable.
But you were like the lunar phases
slowly moving, but always changing
I looked away for a fraction of a second
when I turned back the friend I knew was gone.
I turned my face away
I looked in a different direction
and our friendship turned to vapor.
Can't think about what was said that night
or hold on for the rest of my life
because you never know when the sun will go down on you.
Track Name: Straight To Voicemail
I guess I'll just leave a message
since you won't pick up the phone
I know you're going through some
shit you might not wanna talk about
but you don't have to go alone.
And what would it take to make you happy?
What would it take to make you smile?
What would it take to see my old friend again?
Won't you come home it's been a while.
You're not alone in anyway.
Track Name: These Words
This is not Desperation,
we broke the cycle and the curse.
Today might be oh so dark,
but it could be so much worse.
We're burned out and jaded
but that's all on us
write songs of friendship
but forget how to trust

But we still
we still
we still live by these words:
"At least I'm still alive"

It's easy and pointless
to live inside of your own head
to face each day as the walking dead
and if bad luck is just stuck on you
don't discard the things we share
don't trade my company for fashionable despair

But we still
we still
we still live by these words:
"At least I'm still alive"

I wish I had the courage to say
that "I will never let you down"
even if that's a lie.