Since the Day We Were Born 7"

by Just Die!

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Just Die! Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Since the Day We Were Born
When tomorrow turns to yesterday, what will you become?
Is there a difference in ambition and a fear of growing numb?
How afraid of silence are you, that you'll just ramble on
rather than face the fact that you can't look back
and there's no righting these wrongs.
Do you remember promises, you made to your own heart?
Were they oaths well sworn or wishes made on a dim and fading star?
There are days that will destroy you.
There are days you carry on.
There is no surrender, and we learn to sing this song.
Because it's ok if you're still angry,
because tonight was made for you.
We'll all hold hands, and make a stand
because there's nothing, nothing you can do.
The sun will set, we won't be young,
but we'll sing this song til the breath's torn from our lungs
so sing with me.
Sing with me.
SIng with me.
Sing with me.
Track Name: Crafting Guillotines
How do you sleep with the blood still on your teeth.
Sucking the light out of this world in ever darkening degrees.
Bow your head and avert your eyes,
say your prayers to block out the cries
of our mothers and daughters, you send to the slaughter.
...and while you're building your heavenly machines,
their bloodstained fingers are crafting guillotines.
So bow your head,
bend your knee.
give us a clear shot
at the back of your neck.
Track Name: In Lieu of Flowers
This is an open letter, to those who thought it better
to move on to a place their words can touch you.
Razor, rope, fistful of pills--they never saw and never will
all the beauty and love you held inside.
so I'm sorry, I'm so sorry--I should have said something when we were kids.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry--apologize for things I never did.
I should have been there for you,
closet doors should have never been an option.
Told you to love who you would love
never know shame, but now you're gone.
and I'm sorry.
Track Name: Good Luck Charm
Hold me close like a good luck charm
like the hate you hide in your heart
like a light swallowed by the dark
hold me close like a good luck charm.
These are the hands I'm given
it's the work I do, it can' t be anything but for you
So hold me close like a good luck charm
like a light lit against the dark
like the hope you hide in your heart
hold me close like a good luck charm.
Track Name: I'm About To Bum You Out
I think it's time we stopped pretending
and tore down fences we waste time mending
I think we misunderstood, because this can lead to nowhere good
and just because we can doesn't mean we should.
So be honest with me, was I ever anything?
Or was I just something you thought you'd try?
You won't hear me say: "One day you'll see."
Because I hope you forget me before you die.
Why would you waste my time,
with pages and pages of lies?
So this is your situation, a self imposed suffocation?
I hope you forget me before you die.
Track Name: Compassion Fatigue
Why can't I give this away?
This emptiness that covers
any light I shed today.
Why do I have to watch it bleed?
It wasn't what they wanted,
but i might be what they need.
There are days when I just want to sleep
because I can't repair the damage,
and their wounds are far too deep.
And when there's nothing left to take,
will my eyes be as hollow
as the ones we tried to save?